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Hi there
I am passing every test but one on the Tech Doc project for RWD. I keep getting the following error:

Left of bounding rectangle is not correct.: expected 8 to be below -658.5

My navbar is fixed and doesn’t move, and I can’t figure out what this error message refers to, or what to correct/change. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? The link to my codepen on this project is below:

thanks so much for any help anyone can provide!

ETA: apparently the testing wanted the nav styling to be called #navbar and not just nav - to refer to the class rather than the html tag - and also to have the width and min-width defined here and not under the ul tag, which is where I originally defined it. So I did that and it passed - BUT now my side nav goes nowhere when the screen is downsized.

So I pass but my responsiveness is now missing. Help!

ETA2: So my responsiveness is back, but my navigation doesn’t look right when the screen is smaller. It moves to the correct place but it loses its stickiness and it’s not sized correctly. I guess I will go ahead and turn it in since it passed but if anyone can let me know what I can do to make this correct in the future so I can learn what I did wrong I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

**Last Edit: I’ve been researching like crazy and trying everything to get my navbar to react properly when confronted with a resized browser/mobile phone and nothing I have tried so far has worked. I’m getting really discouraged and it bums me out that no one replied with any advice. I’m not going to let it stop me but I probably will be less likely to seek help here in the future… :frowning: **

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Your website is perfect. The sidebar is not hanging off, your just looking at the editors view. but you should look at the full version. It’s amazing

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: you totally made my day!

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