Technical Documentation Page - JS

Evening Campers,

I’ve finally finished my Technical Documentation Page on basic JavaScript.

As this is a documentation page, I’ve tried to keep it on the simpler side, and hopefully it’s more user friendly as a result.

Do let us know your thoughts. As always, your feedback (in any shape or form) is much appreciated.


Hi Gerald,
As you said It’s nice and simple - in my opinion that’s the way how technical documentation should look like.

I don’t think however your layout is user friendly in mobile size.
I’d rather place your nav section above body as “hamburger” style menu - there is a lot of tutorials online how to create one. You can do it with a little JS or only with CSS.

I haven’t finished my documentation yet, but I’m really close. Probably I’ll put it online today :wink:

Great job!

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Hi Marek,

Thanks for the tip. I was under the impression that it had to be visible all the time (user-story 8), but otherwise I totally agree.

I’ll play around with a hamburger menu over the next couple of days and see if I can get it to work.

Good luck with your page; looking forward to seeing it up here too.

check out this tutorial

I’m beginner but thank to this tut I was able to create hamburger menu

Good luck!

I’ve just uploaded my version of Technical Doc., would be great if you can check it out: