Technical Documentation Page- lost and discouraged

I’ve cried like 3 times this morning working on this project. Is it normal for it to be so difficult? I feel like the rest of the course has been a breeze. I’m gonna keep trying I just feel so stupid, I can’t get it to look right at all.

Sorry this isn’t really a technical question. I just feel so dumb.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. I’ve certainly had extremely frustrating periods with code where I simply cannot figure why I can’t get it to behave as I want. Sometimes stepping away is the solution. I’ve certainly cracked a few thorny issues when I’m in bed trying get to sleep, or in the shower. Sometimes when I figure out what I’ve been doing wrong I also feel pretty dumb :rofl:
Is it anything in particular that you’re struggling with?

Thank you, I really appreciate the response!
I can’t get the navigation bar layout right, it keeps overlapping with the main content. And then I don’t know what to use for content, I’m considering just copy and pasting all the info from their example (just the textual info, none of the code or anything).

I found the codepen for the example and some other user’s codepens to look over. It just feels like my brain is disintegrating. Maybe I need a nap lol. Thank you

You should ask for help if you need it, that is what the forum is for. Create a thread and post your code so we can see it if you need help.

Coding is hard and frustrating but that is also what makes it rewarding when you succeed.

As said, sometimes taking a break is the right choice. It is almost comical how easily you can solve problems when you do not think or stress about them (just in general, not saying it is the case here).

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