Technical Documentation Project for Feedback

I have just finished my documentation page, for which I just used copied information from the MDN website.

For this project, I didn’t use the source code from the sample project, to see if I can do kind of the same thing through trial and error-- lots and lots of error! If you can give some input, I have a few questions about best practices:

  • I did not use the <article> element – is it necessary to use it for a page like this?
  • I used <section> and <header> for each section on this page – is that the right way to do it? Also, is it correct to use <h2> and <h3> within <header> as I did?

Thanks for any input you can offer :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need article element for your page. Article can be used for self-contained information which can stand independently and still make sense. Think of article as a magazine article.

Also you used the section and header the right way it should.

Again, there is nothing wrong with using heading elements inside a header. But I think it will be fine to have h1 added to header element rather than having h2 or h3 nested within it.

just scrolling through quickly the functionality is nice, everything works well. good job on that.