Technical Documentation project PLAGIARISED

Hello FCC
I’ve done a terrible mistake due to pressure on getting a job asap. I’ve completed Tribute and Survey form projects with usual struggle as expected. I’ve tried to do the product landing page project but my whole day went wasted because I coded from the morning and by night, nothing much was actually build solid to my project and due to frustration, i deleted it.

I’m trying to stay consistent but sometimes, life struggles overcome my honesty. I am very eager to get into this industry but sometimes, things turn around. Today, I’ve done a project on technical documentation but was following the tutorial of Dylan from YouTube. I submitted it with code that’s actually belong to him. I regret to the core now.

Tomorrow I’m gonna build my own documentation project without the help of any video tutorials. All I need is a second chance. I’ve learned from this mistake. Help me here.

The fact that your conscience pricked you says a great deal for your integrity. The purpose of Dylan’s (and others’) tutorials is to get you to the point of understanding the basics, but in creating something by following along with a tutorial like that, it’s easy to parrot the lesson and not truly grok the code behind it.

But you’re considering where you are, and how to better yourself. And that’s a good thing. I would suggest you go back over the code you built with that tutorial video, and tear it apart. Break it down, remove parts, reload it in the browser and see what happens.

For the most part, many of us are learning by “reverse-engineering” someone else’s solution to a problem. Are we plagiarizing them? Not necessarily. We are taking their ideas and synthesizing them into something that is meaningful for us. I can’t argue the legal ramifications, but to me that’s the ethical one.

Now that said, I might suggest you do what I said, tear it apart and understand how the parts work together, then rebuild it in a way that makes sense to you, and re-submit. Not because it will affect your certification, but so that, when you use that sample in your portfolio down the road, you can take pride that it is, well and truly, yours.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your time. I’m gonna do what you’ve suggested. And your experience in the field of code boosted my confidence even more. I’m gonna try my best.