Technology future - Survey Form project feedback

Second topic, second project. I would love some feedback and harsh criticism.


Known problems: I made layout using floating div’s and have problem with aligning them verticaly in the middle.

Here is what i wanted to achieve (the same site but made using inline-block’s):

Other than that I have a question: Is flex-box primary CSS layout technique now? I am constantly confused which of float, inline-block, flex-box or grid should be used. Or should all be learned and trained?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

When filling out a form, an asterisk next to a field designates it as a required field. Usually the asterisk is given a color too. You have two required fields, Name and Email, but only one has an asterisk designating it as such. You have an asterisk next to Age but it is not a required field.

Both Flexbox and Grid are really good to know. While Bootstrap makes these easier it’s really good to know how they work so you can understand Bootstrap better.
Try playing with It was a huge help to me. And at the bottom of it you’ll find a link to something similar for Grid.

It’s a nit but your placeholders should be prompts about what the user should be inputting, not snarky comments. And I noticed that in the first two placeholders you left a blank space so it didn’t butt up against the edge but in the last one you didn’t. It’s easier to maintain your code if you use the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle and use maybe some sort of padding to move your placeholder text.

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