Temporarily changing tracks

Its been 5 months since I got a job as a postgraduate student.

I did complete the first RWD cert and a couple of projects using Frontend Mentor (and I finally understood most of CSS Grid concepts after weeks of using multiple resources)

Now after a little pressure and advice from family and friends I have decided to hold on and start interview prep. Since I am in India, this means almost every company has a HEAVY focus on Data Structures & Algorithms questions for fresh grads :sob: :sob:

Since I have 1 year of C# experience I will revise C# concepts for half the time and the other half spend on Leetcode for DSA questions. I will also be applying to as many companies I can and see what sticks and share all my learning and struggle on LinkedIn

2 resources for C# (its a lot to absorb but using both means you will learn even more):

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