I am taking coding academy and I am looking for books and sites!

I am joining a coding academy in my city and I want to have a jump start before the 10 month long class starts this September. I want to start with C sharp and asking for any recommendation for books and site. I know this site includes lot of the circ so anything off the site helps! wish me luck .

Coding Combine (4 Weeks)
Object Oriented Programming
Students will learn C# and learn coding design patterns in the first month of the course.
Level 1 (7 Weeks)
Front End Development
In Q1 students will learn Front End Development, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, and Javascript.
Level 2 (7 Weeks)
Front End Development and Back End Development TypeScript, Angular, C# & API Building

Level 3 (7Weeks)
Back End Development
Cloud Computing & Web Apps
Level 4 (9 Weeks)
Mobile Apps
Final Project / Professional Practice / Internship

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You will benefit from this video course. I took this persons c++ course and it was amazing. It is on YouTube. Here is his C# course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOruiBrXlAw&list=PL_c9BZzLwBRIXCJGLd4UzqH34uCclOFwC

Also, FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel has a video that is 24 hour long, where some creator creates a full C# application

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maybe this?

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Thanks I am going to look into your sources today!

So far I’ve been spending time on the videos and the guy is a good instructor! He is jogging my memory about basic programming since C sharp is related to C and C++. Thanks again! I still have to check out the 24 hour long video! I just want to get the programming down before I overwhelm myself LOL.

I would absolutely recommend to write a public diary about it.


  • because you don’t want to publish wrong stuff, you will have to re-think the stuff
  • your retention will increase
  • people who read it will correct stuff you understood wrong
  • potential employers will see that you are eager to learn
  • you will find new companions
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Make a public dairy about what? Just so I know what you mean exactly, like about my journey learning code through the academy and the internet??

Yes, a public diary about your learning/coding journey.

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That sounds like a good idea! I want to feel that programming is part of my life for now on. I’ve been working in construction since I dropped out of college so that will help. I will start a blog or a post on here when I officially start the academy! for now, I will keep this post updated! Do you know another method to have a public diary? I appreciate your advice.

I use twitter, where I have a thread and post regularly.
One benefit is that you also get some followers you can connect to.

Can I follow your twitter so I can get some ideas from you?

Sure, just sent you a private message.

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Yea. I used the double tap on YouTube app many many times during his videos since he really does a good job of the basics, but at the same time a very good job for us who know programming fundamentals.

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