Where to start and how to stay motivated

I am coming from industrial automation but I want to do more real coding. I like the C# language but I don’t really know the carreer path yet. I want to do something with a lot of coding but I don’t really know what field. Web development or something else. But I like the C# like code.

And I want to do a lot of project to learn.
Or even better just start working in it somwhere if possible

Any Ideas?

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You can try the 100 days of code to help stay motivated: #100DaysOfCode Challenge for 2024 – Discord Edition

You can work toward becoming a full-stack developer using c# for back-end and html, css, javascript, React on the front-end. All can be learned here at fcc.

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Nice to see you back in the forum @rickvaneekelen !

A few things that may interest you based on your post.

JavaScript lessons are now all project based learning. The course was just recently updated to help us learn to build projects and how to use the various coding skills learned in building projects. Personally, I really like this new approach as it helps beginners, like me, but provides for more people with more knowledge, too. It is very similar in structure to the Responsive Web Design Course.

You may be interest in the C# Training offered through freeCodeCamp, in conjunction with Microsoft, to give your C# desires on track. It is a good first step and you can gain more knowledge and direction as you go through the course. I only have my first trophy through the C# course.

These are just a couple of suggestions that I hope may help you find your desired path.

Wishing you good progress and success on whichever path you choose.

Thanks! Good motivation Idea!

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Thanks! Also a good Idea!

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