C help, im looking to learning C!

Heyyy there!!! Im a newbie to coding who wants to start learning C…but im confused as to how to go about it n also in doing something solo, sometimes u loose the inspiration to do it with the same energy n go lazy…any HELP(on how to go about doing it) ??? Thanks :blush:

Thanks, what I meant was that smtyms i loose interest or go off schedule due to going solo, maybe it’s sites like these that solve that problem…:blush: Thanks again :blush:

If you want some motivational stuff:

I’m speaking from a position of ignorance because I haven’t learned C–but I’m not sure it’s the language you want to start with. It’s certainly not the most widely used or the most immediately useful if the goal is to get work quickly. I’ll let others speak to it’s usefulness as a “learn coding principles on this language first” language… but you’ll notice freeCodeCamp doesn’t get to it at all. And I must say I haven’t disliked javascript as my “first language” experience.

As for energy and inspiration: first big thing: don’t “do it solo.” That’s kind of the whole point of freeCodeCamp. Make friends, tell them your goals, share your progress. There’s one ambitious community member who’s even been organizing people into subgroups of support. And here’s what works for me when I “go lazy.”

Thanks a lot man!!!:blush: So you started with JavaScript???