Testing websites in Safari on Windows

Obviously as a web designer we need to test our websites in as many browsers as we can in order for our websites to work for different kinds of people using different browsers. One of the top web browsers people use today is Safari which used to be available for Windows but was discontinued. Is there a way to run it in Windows anyway? I think I remember something about a virtual environment that can run the mac operating system or something along those lines. That would be way easier than going and buying a Macintosh…

Yes, download a virtual machine. Since VMware is paid service I suggest you use Virtual Box instead.

You will also need to download an image of Mac OS image somehow and install it.

Do you have access to a Mac? If you do, there are some instructions I found to pull out the disk image from it so you can make a bootable installation USB. https://www.lifewire.com/use-disk-utility-bootable-os-x-yosemite-installer-2259935

Unfortunately your options are limited. You can try a service like BrowserStack which opens a live VNC to a Mac if you need it. Otherwise genuine Mac hardware and software are your best bet to test everything you want without caveat.