The age old question -worth learning development in this current time?

I have been reflecting a lot on if I should learn web / app development because it could be a great field to get into but at the sometime everyone is learning this it seems and it might be tough to compete and get good. Then there is the thing about outsourcing to very cheap countries and the age of AI which might make most programming jobs obsolete.

Is there a solid future in programming. Is it worth learning programming from scratch as of now?

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Good question, AI needs data to work functional, beside not all AIs are AI, most of them actually are bunch of state checks of a particular case study

Web is still live, and will be for next decades I think, it might get easier and easier becasue of new frameworks, and stuffs…

And remember if there will be any AI to do web, that AI will be developed by web developers indeed, not a database user. So you could be one make AI for web real.

One fact is, a good developer should be great enough to switch to new environment/platform when new requirements are depend on it.

Just back to around 10-12 years ago, when Nokia was top of the world, and good mobile developers were ones code symbian, but today no one have any clue what is symbian? UIQ?

Same story about Windows, where Win XP and 7 were on top of OS market share. But today? devs may tend to code for iOS, Android, and even web instead of native windows apps

So this is a fact, no one knows, maybe next month something out which obsolete all developing for web with something easier.
A good developer should be ready and experienced enough to switch to new stuffs very fast with minimum time it needs.

A true passionate programmer is one loves programming becasue of systems and computers, not becasue of JS, python, … You should gain enough experience to switch easily to other system no so hard.

Also considering the field you are working on. So if you are like to be a UI/UX developer, you should not be worry about AI or database world.

Too much dependency(sometimes fake and nonsense royalty) on something also could kill a programmer, just assume the Nokia case again, when symbian is dead, so dev is.
This better now accept something you loved is dead and start a new brand stuff.

Talked so much, sorry.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.


Not an issue. If there were any benefits to outsourcing, it’s all companies like Spotify and Netflix would do. Instead, you see the opposite - people from poorer nations moving to where the big jobs are so they can make more money.


Not only does programming have a future, it has one of the best futures. Barring an apocalypse, the need for software is only going to grow. As web development becomes more complex, the job space grows.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Get started.