The Avengers! Survey Form - Feedback Please

Finished the survey for the avengers!
Let me know what you think :grinning:

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The layout looks good, it is clean and accessible. Here are some of my pointers:

  • I would place some margin between the Avengers logo and the top of the page. At mobile view below 400px, some content starts bleeding out of container such as the ‘Favorite Avengers’ section, ‘Whats the coolest planet’ dropdown, and ‘Tell us more…’ textbox. I recommend merging the label and inputs into one single column so the content doesn’t clump at smaller screens.

  • Try reducing the padding as well for mobile view to allow more space for content. Also, I would limit the widths of the input boxes on larger views because they seem excessively long.

  • Force the user to select their coolest planet, not let the default value be Earth.

Happy coding!

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Thanks, for the feedback