The filter method

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i dont seem to understand the filter and map method. i want to filter all movies with “Christopher Nolan” as Director

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Challenge: Use the reduce Method to Analyze Data

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Hello there,

Would you mind sharing your code? It is difficult to help without being able to see your current code.

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please use the link to access the challenge. my devices doesnt allow copying from that source

The link will take us to the challenge but it won’t show us your code - that is stored in your browser. Please cut and paste it so we can see what you’ve tried.

Okay. That means am really stucked because I can’t copy the code with my phone.
Thanks for your support anyway.

If you can try to reduce the amount of code (remove blank lines/comments), then create a new topic (before posting, ensure the code is included automatically in the relevant section), and hopefully this will be easier to work with.

Otherwise, are you certain you cannot copy-paste in any way?

Yeah no way unless am using a system, which is not the case now.
I am cracking the challenge with the challenge hint. So you don’t have to worry anymore

That is annoying. Hope you manage to get enough out of it :+1:

Happy coding.

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