The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2018)

Hey folks,

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2018) looks promsing - what do you think? Anyone taken the course here?

I am about to buy but wanted your advice!


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Of course, it’s a good one.

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Really good course, Andrew Mead has a great teaching style. Very thorough course, cover almost all the modern JS parts. It is missing a few small things, but overall its great course. I highly recommend it.

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Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: I am going to purchase it now

I’m curious, what kind of stuff is Mead missing out on? Can the course still be considered ‘modern’?

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@codelist Just some ES7/8 stuff that’s not super important and you can easily go over yourself like Maps/Sets. He covers most of the stuff, and yes the course will be considered ‘modern’ because its quite new.

I would definitely recommend it over other course because it teaches Modern JS which is extremely useful and doesn’t waste time going over old stuff which is no longer relevant. He even covers Webapck and modules. His teaching style is also great, I really liked it which is why I started his Node.js course.

You wont regret taking it in my opinion.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I now have The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2019) and I got to say, I am 50% through and it is amazing, challenges can be a bit hard at times but really good.