The Responsive web design course

The Responsive web design course doesn’t go past step 36 of 69. It’s the step where I add an action attribute to the form element and when I finish and tap the ‘tick’ button, it just loads briefly and that’s it. It’s doesn’t go past that. I left the app for a few days and came back today and it still did that. I haven’t been able to go past step 36 and it’s really discouraging, I’m a new user and I was on fire with the html.

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Could you please post your complete code using the Help that appears after three failed attempts, or use the </> preformatted icon at the top of the text box to submit the code and the problem.

If it is definitely correctly completed, you may wish to try submitting it from a different browser. Sometimes, the browser we normally use has a built-in extension that decides it is time to interfere with our progress. (I have found that, at times, even my password vault extension has been the issue).

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<form action="">

Okay, I don’t know how this works entirely but I think I pasted the code correctly. The previous codes have been correct up until that point.
I attached a screen recording too incase it helps.
And wait we could use browsers to access the app? How please

And now I can’t figure out how to upload the video

Is this a new problem?
Will be reviewing the code if you post it completely if the complete code for this step is posted by you. You can place three ``` before and after the current complete set of code from beginning to end.

Did you try submitting from a different browser, too?

Maybe a complete reboot of the computer to clear everything that may be an issue.

You are app user? The freecodecamp website is at, the curriculum at

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Is the app faulty? I think I prefer using the app cause I definitely use mobile more often than a computer. And plus the website on chrome for mobile isn’t exactly the smoothest experience, but thanks anyways. Also, I see you’re a staff, please if something could be done about the issue on the app, please do. Cause the app for me is the best choice on mobile.

I think the confusion here was that you thought I was using a computer when I was actually using mobile. But thank you so much for your effort.

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you can follow the status of the issue here Submissions won't go through anymore · Issue #1165 · freeCodeCamp/mobile · GitHub
Staff doesn’t mean mobile developer, I am not able to do anything here.

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