There is so much

There is so much that I need to learn and get better at. And there are so much I want to learn and master. I dont really know where to start or how to “do” this.

I plan on getting a front-end web dev job so that should probably be where I give most of my focus but its so much so I dont really know where to start. Should I trian on one single thing at a time or come up with small projects that contains one or more of the techniques or should I come up with a bigger project that fit all of the techniques? please recommend me how to do this!

I am not ready for a front-end job at all. I can code pretty much every website and make it look like I want it to but I do NOT feel comfortable with any of this.

Things that I “can” code a website with:

  • Reactjs
  • css
  • html
  • sass
  • javascript in generall
  • nodeJS

Things i know that I need to improve alot of these are:

  • Reactjs as a whole (redux, route, animations. you name it)
  • Javascript in generall
  • sass
  • nodeJS(and express)

Things in web that I need/want to learn from skratch:

  • webpack
  • probably alot more

Other than web:

I want to learn python which i have coded a little bit in so I am not a completely beginner but I am a beginner. And when I master python, then maybe learn Django?

Things that I am very interested in but dont know anything about but want to learn as a “hobby” and for hobby projects is:

  • the library OpenCV
  • visual recognition/analysis etc. without the use of any bigger library like OpenCv
  • encryption without the use of any bigger library
  • and if I ever get good at that^ Ai as a whole as long as I can get with my low level of math knowledge

One problem that I have. language doesnt matter. Is that I dont know what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right. I had for example a professional reactjs coder look at a reactjs project that I just had coded. He told me that there was big gaps in the code. That it was long away from “good enough” even tho that the site seemed to work etc.
How do I get past this and how do I know when I am doing right?

PS. I am not a completely beginner as you might have understand.

thank you

Look at big projects on GitHub that use React for the front end. Try and understand what their code is doing and the reasons it was written the way it was. Then replicate that in your own projects.

Did he explain the issue? That’s not super helpful feedback if not. Feel free to share the project code here (github link) and we could try to give you more feedback.

As for how to learn more, the key really is projects, but focused on a specific area you want to improve. Or add to an existing project, but focus on embellishing it with the new skill you want to pick up, such as animation.

There are two things I want to address:

How do I get past this and how do I know when I am doing right?

and this:

I am not ready for a front-end job at all.

So on the topic of “knowing when I am doing it right”, “right” is very subjective. For personal projects, “right” is up to you. If “right” means to you “it works”, then its “right”. There is no 100% correct standard of doing things right. It’s all relative. Odds are your code could be better, refactor to be more readable, cleaner, more re-usable, optimized, etc etc. It could be argued no code is perfect, but no code has to be. Don’t take this and think you need to go re-do all your projects from the ground up, just understand there is always room to improve :slight_smile:

On the topic of if “your not being ready for a front-end job”, your as ready as you can be at any point, there is no set bar. As long as your ready to learn, then you are ready to work. Odds are you will have to learn something when getting a job, which is to be expected. Having more skills already just means you need to learn less, and employeers would be more likely to hire you if you have more skills. There is no hard-line where you magically get a job, there are just too many factors that come into play when searching for jobs. Don’t think there is a bar to pass to “be ready”.

Finally, I want to mention that a lot of what your asking is relative. You can always do better, and get more prepared, but it’s not like there is an endgame to any of this. There’s always more to learn and better ways to do things. But if you are to actual go out and learn more, or to actually “do things better” is a choice you need to decide on. I would only learn more if you want to, or you find in your job search you get rejected due to lack of skills. (They seek out to learn those skills!) I would only “do things better” if you get feedback as to what can be improved. If you get peer reviewed and get feedback saying there are “gaps”, ask what those gaps are and fill them in.

Continuous improvement is the goal, not the path! Improve yourself, and improve what you do. There is no end to it, there is no “bar” to pass, and there the decision if you are to even keep improving at this current time is up to you.

PS. There’s always more to learn, but again you don’t need to learn all of it unless you are curious, don’t think its a requirement to know everything because that’s impossible haha.