This is my Voting app "VoteUp" (nodejs, express, passport)

Hello fellow campers,

I finished my voting app two days ago, and it’s now live on heroku.
it took me around 23 days to do and there is at least a 4 days, in which i didn’t even know how to start, and i am not gonna lie, i got scared a bit :smiley: .

here is the link to the app feel free to try it:

and the github repo:

—problemes i am aware of —

  • you can’t make a poll without a question mark “?”, it returns an error if you do.
  • The view poll page is a little bit slow.
  • A visitor must login to vote.
  • The design in not ideal, especially the header links.

These are the ones i remember now feel free to tell me more, so i can comback and fix them when my skills are better.

thank you for everything.

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Ok, so i have fixed two issues,

one is that if your question has a space after the question mark, it returns an error when trying to get see the chart.
Fixed it with the trim() function.

the second is that the new added options are not required, which results in empty options and we don’t want that do we.
Fixed with this line “element.required = true;” when the field is created.

Thanks to the people who tried the app and helped me find these two bugs.