Thougths about my resume

I just graduated from informatic engineering in Spain, and I’ve been actively looking for jobs. I’ve got a couple of interviews but nothing else happened. But it’s been a while that I only get negative responses. I also have to add that my dream has always been to work in Germany so most of the applications that I send are for german companies.

Here is my resume and I would love some comments on it, and maybe give me reasons of why the negative responses of companies. I am mostly applying for full stack or front end developer roles.

Hey there @jaimecuellar14!

My first thought was that this resume is way to long. It does not need to be 3 pages. I think it should be 1 page maximum. You have to remember that hiring managers see hundreds of resumes all of the time. They simply do not have the time nor patience to sift through long resumes. They probably spend an average of 30 seconds skimming a resume and looking to see if something peeks their interest. Otherwise they will just move on to the next person.

I really think this is what is hurting your chances of getting callbacks. I would definitely tighten up your experience section. I think it is great that you have all of that experience but those paragraphs need to be cut down to a couple of sentences in my opinion.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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Hi @jaimecuellar14! My first piece of advice would be to shorten your resume length, from the 3 pages you have now, to one page. Also, I would take out the part in your header about your nationality and age. Maybe that is normal for Spain and Europe though! I’m from the USA and including that information would be seen as VERY weird. Was the position you have listed on your resume an internship? If so, can you reapply at that company if you liked working there? It might be easier to get hired there, as you have contacts, etc.

Please don’t do this:

Programming skill:
C#, javascript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, XML, Rest-Json, SQL, JUnit, Mockito, NUnit, Angular 2, AngularJS, PHP, Java, ReactJS, OnsenUI, NodeJS, Python, Gulp, Docker, Git, Xamarin Forms, Flutter, software patterns and architecture, dependency injection, SOLID.

So you are able to write production-ready code in literally every client-side and server-side language that exists. I doubt that. You should prove that by showing projects that use this stuff.

Okay I’ll make it shorter and get it down to one page, I had some problems knowing what info to add because I didn’t add things like hackatons I’ve been part of. etc. And I didn’t got hired on the company I did my intership because there are not new projects comming in, and the people there are enough for the ones that are right now. Thank you for your advice.

I’ve add that because those are languages that I’ve worked with in university, intership and personal projects. Not production-ready code right away, but with a reasonable time I consider I’m able to do so. And my projects I’ve just added my github I don’t know if it’s enough.

I have seen several similar post regarding resumes. Just my opinion of course but personally I think everyone, especially those trying to get their first developer job, should just shell out a few hundred dollars and get a professional resume writing company to build a resume for you. Find a resume builder that specializes in tech. They will know exactly what to include, how long it should be, keywords & skills recruiters are looking for, etc. Everything from fonts, to spelling and punctuation to colors all matter. From what I have seen the overall data suggests that people who have professional resumes built for them tend to get a lot more interviews and have a better chance of breaking through the initial screening process.