Timeline Survey form feedback please :D

I just finished another survey form. Here again I tried a slightly different design. What do you think of it?
Also, what is your opinion about the code? I tried to embed some indications and comments about my progress, is it understandable or it’s just an awesome mess?

I 've also had to “id” the form elements with the same id but I’ve found no other way to pass the tests… :frowning:

The pen is here: https://codepen.io/capcod-/pen/vYNeOGR

Gorgeous. Well done.

One thing however. I think you should present the submit button as a button. Wrap it in a button like border or something.

Anyway, cheers for the beautiful design.

Awww thanks so much, I’m glad you like it and sure I’ll try to think about a fancy button implementation :slight_smile:

You have eight different forms, none of which do anything. That’s why the user does not get an error message for required elements when clicking the submit button.
You have many duplicate id's. Remember, an id must be unique within the document.

Maybe Google ‘html what is a form’
Learn what elements are and what elements make up a form.

NIce work! Like the design.