Tips on getting back in after break

I’ve been finding it a little hard to not just give up quick since I took about a month long break. Still love coding though! Any tips?

Put yourself at practice, what do you waiting for?
I personally didn’t code past 2 month… because of some hard exams (etc. etc.) after that, I was upset finding myself incapable at least writing as fast as before. But I found ‘see-apply’ method very efficient in remembering all the stuffs.
I recommend you to go on world wide and find some sites that you like and try to make them by yourself, i mean to exactly copy them. Than, more :slight_smile: . After, you’ll see that the code magically appeared in your head. Also searching what’s new upon web development is a little good practice. BTW… practice makes good, don’t forget it, don’t surrender so easy

When I take a break I tend to come back with a new set of ideas or reasons I am back at it. I suggest sitting down and thinking about what goals do you want to accomplish in the next 3 months. What can you learn coding that helps you hit those? Then work backwards from there.

That’s the best thing that could happen to you :smiley: This can get overwhelming if you don’t take breaks. You are now ready to conquer the web development world. Review everything you think you might not remember, and then learn some new stuff.

Sorry for the late reply guys, thanks for your tips and words of encouragement! I’m more excited to code than ever!


Things are going very well! Dove in head first.

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