Today I had a job interview

So, it’s a bit ironic… Today I finished my Responsive Web Design projects, and an hour later I had a job interview about Junior Front End.

The interview went well and they asked me to build a “login” and a “create account” page — I have 24 hours —.

The problem is that I need AJAX for email validation, PHP, and MySQL and I haven’t really learned these. They know that — I told them — but I suppose that they want to check that I am capable of solving problems — with searching, asking, etc. —

So, I would love some support like articles that could be helpful or videos.

Of course, I’ll search for myself but I’d like to see what you got too.

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Do the exercise requirements say that you have to use ajax, php, and mysql?

If so, I suggest first focusing on the parts that you know you can do (and do those well), then see how much you can learn of the other stuff on-the-fly. Feel free to use comments to describe roughly how you think any missing sections would work, etc.

Good luck!


I suggest try your best and when submitting tell them that though you do not have experience with ajax, php and mysql, you have researched and did your best with the time limit given to you. Good Luck!

They’re looking for a frontend dev, do they really expect you to build out a backend that can process the form data, or is it more likely that they want to check if you can build a good frontend for a login function, with all the requirements to easily connect that to the backend?

I could think of something like

  • frontend form validation (set the HTML attributes accordingly)
  • give the form elements the right name/value attributes
  • as a plus, consider accessibility
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I get wanting to see if you know how to solve problems but the requirements are weird in my opinion.

I’m struggling to come up with great advice for you on this because 24 hours is just not enough time to learn all of that. Try following what others have suggested and see how it pans out.

One option that I didn’t see others mention is that you could just fake/mock the “backend”. Just pretend like logging in and creating an account works. There’s a tool I’ve used to do just that in the past: json-server - npm

Then if you have time, try to wire up the endpoints to a real backend with PHP and MySQL.

I hate to be the one who says this company probably isn’t a great fit because I remember what it was like before I landed my first dev job and I would take literally any job if I had the chance.

But I find it extremely disrespectful of your time to demand you complete a coding challenge within 24 hours and even more so when it’s one that doesn’t fit the job you’re applying for.

That said, most companies have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to hiring. They’re just doing the best they know how.