Took the Leap of Faith

Well, I did it.

Tomorrow will be my last day at work. Three weeks ago I made a hard decision to quit my job to code full time. After tomorrow, I will be coding the projects on FCC 40+ hours a week. It’s going to be a scary ride but an exciting one nonetheless!

Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Good luck and happy coding!

keep us posted!

and lots of luck!

edit: im thinking about doing the same thing. so srs, beeb me up in a while

Good luck. I am about to do the same thing next week.

Dan, Good luck. I did the same thing 3 weeks ago. I’ve been coding full time since. When I left my job, I told myself that there’s no plan-B. I planned and set things in place for 2017 so that I have to succeed. There’s no turning back. Let’s get after it!


I did the same a while back. Maybe we need a network of leapers?

Best of luck to you, and Happy Coding!


Good luck! I will be in the same boat shortly! Only one more week of work then I will be joining the leapers!

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I took the leap… Scary but the bigger the risk the more reward…

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Good luck and keep us posted!

Taking a leap of faith has already put you light years ahead of others who are hoping to get a developer job.
Now don’t give up when shit gets tough. Stick with it and you shall prevail!

  • All the best!

Good luck Dan! And good for you for making the tough decision to pursue your goals!

Best of luck! We’re all in this together.

seriously brave!

Code on brave warrior!

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Remember to be discipline!

Thank you for the well wishes and support :slight_smile: I’ll give it my best!

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It’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do. Within a few months you’ll probably be an expert coder. :smiley:

How are you going to pay your bills?!

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Hey Dan!

Best of luck mate - work hard - take breaks - drink coffee / whisky at the same time if you wish.

Get rest, this is important and keep going :slight_smile:



Good luck to you!! What an exciting journey!

How do so many people find it possible to quit their jobs and do this? I’m baffled at how to keep the lights on and be able to do the same! :slight_smile: I want to know your secrets!


Yeah, me too.

Even being a single guy & only a handful of bills, i still find it tough to do this. (Just can’t see the invisible bridge!!)

Maybe when we get more confident with our coding skills… i think we might be ready to join this madness…LOL!

I certainly look forward to that day!!

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