Took way too long to complete CS Engineering Degree

I took way more than 4 years to complete my CS Engineering Degree. Found it tough to cope with the syllabus in the junior year which led to depression. Eventually did complete it with intermittent gaps between year ended up with 3.5 GPA .

I am currently learning from web tutorials from before I deep dive into fcc. This is all that I have to put on my resume

So right now where does this place me in when I am on the hunt for a job compared to others who got a degree within 4 years ? Have only mentioned my Graduation year in my Resume.

I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Some interviewers might mention it. That’s really just an opportunity to explain that you weren’t a slacker. You can talk about other things you might have done during that time or just say “I had to leave school a couple of times for health reasons” and leave it at that. Mental illness is illness and leaving school to take care of your mental health is just as reasonable and responsible as leaving school to take care of your physical health.

What might feel like a disadvantage compared to other applicants with a degree is the fact that you don’t have professional experience. Build some bitchin’ projects and show those off and talk about them.

I did weird stuff with my education path, completing my CS degree at the age of 27. No one has ever held it against me (as far as I know).

No one has ever commented about me taking 5 years for my bachelors. I know some people that took longer. No employer cares about that. HR only cares if you have the degree that they are looking for and your potential boss only cares if you are fairly intelligent and able to play well with others