Trabajo en equipo

Ultimamente me encuentro solo trabajando y se me hace muy difícil poder resolver algunos ejercicios. Quería saber si hay alguien disponible en tal horario como para trabajar en conjunto. Sldos

If you can, find a meetup near you. It is a great way to meet other developers and talk and share. If you can’t find an in person meetup, they also exist online. Yes, coding with other people, especially when you are learning, can be very good.

And don’t be afraid to ask the forum. That is why we are here. And even if you solve something, you can ask if there is a different/better way.

excelente, pero donde puedo encontrar una Reunión en Línea? si, la verdad que trabajar solo es complicado.

I can’t speak for every country. The site is common here. There are facebook groups. I would search those first. There might be some other things where you are. And of course with virtual groups, you are not limited as much by geography.

Bueno, muchisimas gracias por el aporte, me viene muy bien para interactuar!
Saludos cordiales.

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