Transfer project in python

How to transfer a python project to a customer (not exe)? (For example, in Java you can pack in one file)

What do you mean by transfer?

I want to move the project to the server from my work computer.

I’m not really familliar with servers. Surely just save the file in an IDE or code editor as a .py file?

Yes, it is saved to a .py file. But my project uses a library and this .py file will not work.

Hello there,

Normally, a bin is created, when the project is initialised, that contains all the necessary files to run the program within a Python environment. Although, this is only explicitly shown, if you have your venv within the same location as your program.

So, transfer everything, and the necessary packages should follow.

@galla_okto You will have to install the library and Python on the server you wish to run your Python program on. Preferably, the same version of the library and Python that run on your desktop.