Moving from single file python to "real" stuff

Again, I understand this is likely to be the typical beginner “run before you walk” type question but I am trying to mix up reading book type tutorials with code exercise type stuff with reading these kinds of forums to keep going while I am comfortable enough to start doing more stuff on my own, like the kinds of ideas you have in your head oh that would be fun to try.

Maybe I will get to this by the end of the “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” and “Python Crash Course” that are my textbooks, but what I’m interested in a little bit is good references or advice for bridging between what I call

“single file beginner” python, you write everything in one .py file, maybe you import some libraries but basically it’s all there, and

“real world” python, for example in my work I come into contact with very advanced python repositories that work in AWS, are spread across loads of files, have object oriented stuff defined everywhere etc."

I just wondered if there were are any good and basic examples or tutorials that might still be quite “noddy” code wise but are setup so that you have several files to work together, and how a small project is typically organized once you go past “” type work

hope this makes sense.

thats a good question
we are basically in the same boat. i also write my scripts in one long block
i am looking in to “professionalizing” my work by starting to use classes and more functions.
i am not yet at the level where my codes are too long that i have to break them up into multiple files