Tribut Page Complete --- Would Enjoy Some Feedback!

You can check out my tribute page here.

For my first venture into html and css coding I think it turned out pretty good. I would enjoy some constructive criticism in order to improve myself as I am on my journey to become a full stack web developer.


The <font> tag is obsolete. Don’t use it. Change the font size with CSS instead (and it’s probably better to bold, italicize, and underline text there).

Don’t wrap <p> tags in <h*> tags. The <h*> tags are used to mark headings or titles in the page.

Close tags in reverse order you opened them.
<a><b><c> should be closed as </c></b></a>

The Bootstrap col-* classes are, as far as I know, meant to be used only by elements like <div>. This is a good read on the Bootstrap grid system.

Considering that this is your first time with HTML your page actually looks quite good :thumbsup: