Tribute Page any feedback please

i completed my first Tribute Page, just wanna know any improvements on this page, Thanks.

Congratulations, bro! I really like how you created the layout and thought about the position of the text aligned with the pictures.

In order to have a cleaner code - you are using too many IDs! If the same attributes are going to be applied to several objects that are the same, you can use a class or even the tag.

For example, you have applied an ID for each picture and in the CSS code you add a max-width: 100%.
In this case, you could have saved many lines of code by just applying

img {
max-width: 100%;

Same goes for h1 and h2… if they are going to be styled the same, you can style them using the tag h1 or h2. In case some will be different, you can apply a class to them.

Try using ids only for super specific things! It will become even more important when you start to apply Javascript and JQuery to your codes!

I hope I was of any help!

Thanks lucas , next time i will avoid too many IDs!, to make my code looks cleaner, i’m still learning in this field, hopefully to land a web development career,

Nice design.

some of the images take a while to load and are really large. maybe try having their size in a photo app before using them. you should still be able to get a sharp image.

Nice piece. THough work on the line-height of your text. It’s too compacted and makes it a bit unreadable. Also I agree with the previous comments. Otherwise great work.

Thanks bmutebi , yeah i noticed the line height, thanks you look up that text though, i change it now, it’s much better now,

Oooo… Dear @rcode321… It’s too spaced now. Take a 1.5 value dear. Dont append any px.

line-height: 1.5;

lol, thanks bro, done it again, much better line-height: 1.5;

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That’s so good now… Looks so nice… Al the best