Tribute Page -- Feedback

I have completed the tribute page challenge, I would appreciate honest feedback. Thanks

Hey there. I really like your code pen. The comments you put make it all the easier to read. I would recommend that you style your webpage using css and not onto the html itself. Although it is not a bad thing, it is highly recommended you keep it sepearte since it cleans your code up a bit and allows others to view them in a separate file.

Hello, nice work!

What I Like:

  • It’s responsive. Good bootstrap usage.
  • Fullfill all the given user stories.
  • Nice topic! (didn’t know about Soyinka 'till now, thanks to you).

What I suggest:

  • Put your styles in a separate css file like my friend @Leo0103 said. It’s easier to maintain and considered the best practice.
  • In very small screens, quotes in the slider overflow over the images and aren’t readable. Maybe do something about it, like reduce font size or just remove it for mobile version.

I think you did a really nice work here. Even tho I’m no expert, I can say you are going in a good way. Keep it up!

Thank you very much @Leo0103.
Your recommendation is noted and i will make necessary adjustments

I like your implementation of the carousel slide.

Like @Leo0103 said it is better to put styles in the CSS code rather than the HTML.

Other than that your project fulfills all the requirements, is responsive, and has a clean layout.

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Oh! thank you didn’t notice the [quote=“Felixlucas38, post:3, topic:140317”]
quotes in the slider overflow
[/quote] 'till now. I will do something about it

Thank you once again!