Tribute Page for Taras Shevchenko. Need Your Feedback

Hi! My name is Ihor. And I’m brand-new here)
I started learning web-development on FCC one week ago, and I’ve already finished my first project.
It took me few hours to finish it. More time I spent on carousel and responsiveness. And I’m finally glad to say, that I coped with it. It was very interesting to solve problems passing the project.

Hi Ihor
The page jumps around and flickers … ?

“over-struggle” doesn’t mean anything in English. I wonder if you could ask someone for help translating? I didn’t read all the text so there may be more wonky English in there.

Let me know when you fix those things and I’ll look at it again.

Good luck!

  • Hilary

Hi, Hilary!
Thanks for your feedback!

It’s hard for me to understand what did you mean saying “jumps around and flickers?”. Can you explain your question better?

Thanks for noticing wrong translation. I’ve already found the right one.

The page is nicely done!
You have implemented all the required elements that were need to accomplish this.

As for “jumps around and flickers”, I am not sure where that came from.

If anything, I would suggest that you make the dates more uniform as such:

Change from:
9th March 1814
January 1816
October 1822
March 1825
Autumn 1828

To this
March 1814
January 1816
October 1822
March 1825
Autumn 1828
Year 1831

I would not worry so much about your English.
Chances are an English speaking person will have the content ready for you.
Your job will be to just have a website ready for the information.


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Thank you very much!

As for the dates, I’ll take this into account and fix it soon.

By jumps around I mean that when I look at your page (Chrome on iPad), I swipe to scroll down, then while I am reading the page jumps back to the top by itself. I think it is related to the carousel changing to the next picture.

I can’t tell what makes the flicker happen.

Maybe your page works fine on a computer but isn’t mobile friendly? Don’t you think it should be?

  • H

I checked my page in different browsers and on different devices. Everything works good. I don’t have an iPad near my hand and that’s why I cannot check what the error is.

Nevertheless, thank you.

Fair enough! And it was great to read about Shevchenko.

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