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Hi Guys,

I have been working on my tribute page for a week now (mostly because I cannot decide on the color pallet and have also realized that I am not great with basic design principals) but now that I am at the end there are two major things that I cannot figure out how to do. Please bear with me as I try to explain them while not knowing the actual terms for anything.

I cannot get the background to do that thing where it is two toned and the middle scrolls. Is that done using padding? If you look at the example vs mine you can probably understand what I am trying to do.

The other issue I cannot figure out is how to put my caption text for my photo inside the board of the photo. Again see example vs mine.

My Tribute

Example Tribute

Any other pointers, tips, or critiques would be welcome!

Sounds like you want Parallax scrolling?

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That is something I want to learn how to do but I am not anywhere near advance enough to figure that out yet. Maybe I will mess with it during the next project. Your comment made me realize that I forgot the most important part of the post-the links to my project O.o Thank you though. I am really excited to play with Parallax scrolling in the future.

I understand what you mean and it is much simpler than using Parallax. All you need to do is create a container or div to put everything in and then make the background of the body, plain white. This will then give the effect you want.

I love the font you’ve used for the subheading, it adds a really nice touch.

Personally, I would centre the lists and align them with justify but that’s personal preference.

I would also make the footer smaller and increase the gap between the line with the Wiki on it and that.

Overall, good job and once you put everything in one big div, it will look even better and how you want it to

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Thank you so much! I finally got it! I really appreciate the help

Glad to help. I know how frustrating it can be at first.

If it helps, one good idea might be to fork your own project in Codepen so you can alter code on it without affecting what you already have. You can then play to your heart’s content :slight_smile:

That’s what I’ve started doing to work on projects - get a basic outline, fork it and play about without breaking the underlying work.

Good luck going forward - getting started is one of the hardest parts

Hi All

I am about to start my tribute project.

I did not print screen on most of the lessons learnt so far and was wanting to go back and revise a few points.

What is the best way of doing this ?

Simply having the step by step guide at hand ??



Hi Aisha,

If you click at the top of your code camp page where it has [NUMBER] it will take you to the completed lessons and you can easily go through and redo lessons or look through them. However, I would encourage you to just search your problem on it is really a great resource when you get stuck.

Good Luck!

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Hi @rikianne

That’s really helpful.