Tribute Page. Passed all the tests but would appreciate any ideas for refinement, organization, etc Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this. I wake up in the morning with solutions to what caused major bafflement and frustration the day before. This is fun and I want to learn much more.

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I like it even if it’s a bit texty.

When I work through something complicated I try to keep track of my path (on a Google Doc or something) … and then I try to think of something a little better and do it again… and try to not make the same mistakes :wink: (Sigh, when I do it’s so annoying!!)

Thank you! This is all trial and error and I really know so little; I’m not even sure what you mean by texty. I should keep records because I so often lose something I had right when addressing something not right. Also my memory is untrustworthy. I will look up Google Doc.

You’ve got lots of words :slight_smile: I tend to do things the same way.

And since I think in words … it is helpful to write down as I go, even if I dn’t go back to it… it iwll be more likely to stick.

I have a gmail account so I do Google Drive and I can type things in online … so when I get home it’s the same on that computer. I try not to depend on it (always have backups) but for stuff like this it’s great.

I also try to look for patterns and rules, like “okay, HTML is more likely to need quotes on everythign!” and “oh, when is it a comma and when is it a semicolon??” for JavaScript…

I just found Google Docs and didn’t see any enrollment procedure. Do you just jump in?

Thank you for

if you have a Google account, yes :slight_smile: Otherwise… make a Google account…

Some things just really do help. This does. Thank you again.

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