Tribute Page Project - My Page on Chessplayer Veselin Topalov

Hello FCC. Here is my page. I used some css, as I could not find the classes in bootstrap to do what I wanted to do. Still a newbie to bootstrap. And totally did not do any jQuery.

I’ve been obsessed with this chessplayer for a while now. He’s my favorite.

Hopefully that link works. Thanks to any feedback… appreciate it.

  • Michael Su
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Clean and simple, I like it. But… have you already tested it on mobile devices? header’s image and video is highly cutted.

Maybe you should learn how to use @media queries to make it more responsible.

Learn also basics of Chrome Dev Tools like:

Have a nice day!

Thanks piotrek. You’re right, it totally does not work on mobile. I assumed that the bootstrap fluid container thing would take care of that, but that was a bad assumption. I need to look into this some more.