Tribute page "tribute-info" issues

Hi again on this day =D,

now I found the problem thx to @Jonef but still can´t figure it out how to solve this. Here is my coding link (hope it works that way). I also looked up a YouTube video and can’t see any difference between his and my code. The problem is in the id=“tribute-info” line. It says “element does not have any content”. But you can see in Line 13/14 that I put an h3-element inside. So what’s the point?

OK. Haha, I don’t know why. But the problem just fade. Maybe I need to wait a little while for the page to refresh since I run the test again. :sweat_smile:

Hello @a.tayarat ,

Well it seems like your page passes all the stages on my computer.

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Yeah, it did right after I posted my question as well. =D

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