Tribute Page V2 Feedback Please

Hello everyone I just did a second Tribute Page because of the first one doesn’t look too good in my opinion and I hope you liked I am waiting for your opinion

The second is definitely more readable – a lot of the text in the first version gets lost in the images.

So something to consider: a tribute is an article, yes? So use an article tag to contain it, and section tags within the article. I appreciate that you are going for semantic web, it is good to see. Just a suggestion to consider.

Also, if you use an article tag, and section tags within it, you also have the option of using header and footer tags within that article. These would be useful to delineate the title/image or the footnotes/more info sections, and they are also CSS-friendly.

Thanks very much for your suggestion I will fix that in the future, to be honest, I don’t know about that " article "

In your copious free time (yeah, sarcasm), you might find to be a worthwhile read. It gets into the HTML5 semantic tags, things like article, section, figure

In reality, div can often be replaced by a more meaningful tag. At least, I am starting to see it that way.