Trying to find the best way to properly learn SCSS, BEM & Bootstrap from the start when already starting to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript

There are so many opinions regarding which is important to know and the responses are centered around personal preference or what projects people are tasked with at work. Any resources and or advice would be appreciated. I am following kamranahmedse’s GitHub guide to FrontEnd programming along with Traversy’s guide. I’m not trying to tick all of the boxes for the sake of ticking them but i do want to know how to approach SCSS, BEM & Bootstrap so I can hone my skills and afterwards go to React once i feel very comfortable. Thanks!

Hey I recommend taking

“Advanced CSS and SASS” from Jonas Schmedtmann at Udemy. He teaches SCSS and BEM really well.

Thanks! I am actually in the process of taking his Javascript course along with following the FCC curriculum and maybe even doing some of the Odin Project projects! I was looking at that course actually :slight_smile: