Trying to post a solutuion to one of the threads

This thread. Hi all, i’m new to the boards and freecodecamp. Above is a link to a thread for one of the CSS exercises. I do not see anywhere to reply to the thread. If you clink the link you can read what the issue was, which was the correct code not being accepted as a solution. It would tell users to style an h2 element blue. I realized if you’re running a dark mode plugin on your browser, you have to turn it off for the solution to go through. There were no responses pointing this out in the thread and I just wanted to help out. Again, I am not seeing anywhere i can reply to the thread, and the thread does not look locked. I’m guessing it’s because I’m a new user.

Challenge: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements

Link to the challenge:


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Does this button show up for you?

Hi, thanks. No it doesn’t show up.

Alright, probably because you just registered 1 hour ago and have the level “new user”.

Let’s wait for another FCC team member’s knowledge about this.

those threads are locked
if you want to contribute to the guide article (the first post) you can open a topic in #contributors

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thanks your solution helped. this was a really strange issue .

Thanks, I’m glad it helped!