Two courses or one course?

hello guys hope you are all doing well.
I wanted to ask if you guys can suggest me to learn the js algo&ds and responsive web design course synchronously? I have programming experience with Java and already achieved 4/10 of the Js Algo & Ds course.

If you are asking if you can do different parts of the curriculum without finishing each part first then, sure. But it may not be the best approach to take.

It depends on how well you know the languages used I guess. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing a bit of ping pong between the curriculum parts.

Just make sure it doesn’t become a distraction and that you keep your focus.

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I think more like doing some parts of each courses step by step
or finishing first the js course and then the other course

I think the DS3 course might be quite hard if you haven’t finished the JS course beforehand.
Also no idea why you want to make it that way. Each lessons builds upon the first, the only thing by mixing them you achieve is increasing the things to keep present-in-mind.

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your right, I should focus on finishing this course
I just thought it wouldn’t be good to start the DS3 course first without finishing the responsive web design course.

You can, but I think especially the DS3 course can be quite hard and thus doing another course on the side would only make it worse ^^°

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You probably won’t be able to do the front end library stuff until you have done both the HTML and JavaScript sections. But if you want to bounce around a bit between the Responsivee Web Design and JavaScript sections, that just comes down to personal learning style. The JavaScript section doesn’t refer directly to the Responsive Web Design material.

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While the two topics are interconnected on a real app, their sections on the curriculum are very indipendent and it would be really counter-productive learning them simultaneously. While HTML and CSS is about the page content, heirarchy and visual design, the JS lessons are focused heavily on creating code logic(that has no direct connection to web design). Only in the Forontend section(after you’ve covered both responsive WD and JS), the two things are put together in collaboration.

thanks guys you all have been very helpful :slight_smile:

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