Typos in Js QA template

Dear FCC staff,

Earlier this week was having troubles validating some of my own tests (which turned out to be a problem on a library). While dubugging my files I also reviewed the template files. There I found what seem to be a few typos:

For example the wrong paths in /api prevent the remote testing platforms from fetching some .js files. The same also applies to other QA projects.

I opened a pull request proposing the change, but then it got deleted after I deleted my repository. Now I cannot make another because I have made another fork. GitHub only allows one fork per account (and one free account per person). Please can you take a look at them and if necessary take consider pushing them to production?

you can create a new pull request even if you can’t update that one anymore, if you deleted the fork you can fork again

@ieahleen I prefer to not delete my current fork. It contains the solved project which I may need to reference in the future.

that’s a good lesson to always use branches in the future :sweat_smile:

never change the main branch, create new branches. In this case the main branch was gomix

Good point thanks.

I am using Git since a couple of weeks and I am learning a lot… mostly by means of doing mistakes :grinning:

Anyway no biggie on this specific patch, as it would need to be adjusted and deployed to many repos, so more than the patch itself what matters is informing those responsible.

you can probably create a branch based on your current gomix branch, to move to a different branch your changes, reset the gomix branch to origin, create a new branch in which to contribute to fcc

you can always choose which branch to deploy from when you deploy something, so that is not an issue

only to the boilerplate, so it’s just a matter of accepting the PR

@ieahleen I actually meant many repos. The same bugs seem to be present in the “boilerplates” of many projects. Thanks but I’ll leave this to the mods (should they be interested).

Edit: I now see you also are a mod :grin:

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.