Udacity Front End Nanodegree - worth it?


Has anyone completed the paid Udacity Front End Nanodegree recently (or not)? Is it good and does it carry any weight in the market? I though about taking the course so I can have some sort of valid qualification since I don’t have a background in tech. Maybe other options? Thanks.

The thing with coding qualifications is they vary in quality dramatically, most don’t offer much weight in the industry at all. So spending 1k+ in 4 months (ref) to earn a nanodegree comes in cheaper than what you’d pay at an accredited college, and Udacity is a well known learning platform, but I’m not sure if that cost justifies its weight. You could also be paying for quality instruction, which may be worth it, but you could also find quality instruction elsewhere for free/cheaper online, you just might have to do more legwork to find and digest these sources.

What does justify “weight in the market” is your ability to learn new things, and or pre-existing experience with technologies required for a given job. How and where you get these 2 matters less. A nano-degree could help you in both of these realms, but you could also do something like freeCodeCamp, and other free sources and learn the same topics without spending as much $.

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