Unable to try out vector embeddings

I was trying to do the tutorial on vector embeddings tutorial by Ania Kubow. I tried to follow along, but when we’re supposed to try it out in the terminal, openAI said I exceeded my current quota (wonder how bcs I never used it). I even tried to go and pay, but my credit card was rejected. Ania never mentions anything (at least not up to this point in the tutorial about the possibility you have to pay for the experiment… I wonder if I messed up somewhere).
I quite liked the idea of creating my own AI assistant, but, I believe that if I did not mess up somewhere I would then have to pay to use it, right?? On the other hand, imagine I as some sort of developer build an assistant for some organization to use, they would then have to pay me for the building and openAI for the operation?

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It would be nice for you to be able to build an AI assistant for a company and make money for your creation.

Best wishes on your coding journey! :slight_smile:

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