Does anybody have invites for enki?

I stumbled upon this new app called enki ( But there is a waiting list unless one is invited.
The idea sounds great and I’m very curious to see if the app is any good.
Does anybody have invites for enki left? This would be much appreciated.

That looks really neat! I don’t have an invite, but I’m signed up, so if I happen to get in before you, I’ll send you one.

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Agreed. It’s a nice idea in principle, but in reality learning small chunks and doing small challenges on a phone is a recipe for a very distracted learning experience where users are absorbing very little long term.


You’re probably right. On the other hand: I started learning with self written Anki Cards a few weeks ago and my self-perceived “fluency” in JS, CSS and HTML has become much better since. I was hoping enki would be similar.

Thx. I also signed up, place 993 in the queue :frowning:

My main issue was that I can’t fully learn, absorb and put into practice complex concepts while on my mobile and on the move (which is presumably the situation most people are using it in). If it was doing something like Anki and just testing your knowledge on syntax or terms, that would be great, but it’s trying to teach me destructuring in ES6 on a small screen with no decent code editor while a baby is crying next to me on a crowded train.

Really cool app, I use it when I’m bored commuting or someting like that, it taught me some neat tricks. I still happen to have some invites (2 I think). If someone is interested, hit me up (I’m raffling them if I get too many requests :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also I’ll try to ask for more if I run out.
EDIT: they’re gone

Hm. I didn’t read the site very thoroughly and thus didn’t realize it’s mobile-only. I was hoping for a web-app. What I’ve been wanting is an interactive flashcard-esque review/mastery system for programming like Khan Academy has for math and Duolingo for language.

Oh. What a disappointment. :disappointed:

Here you go NITHI525

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and I have two more invites left


Hi guys,

Enki is a lot of fun. I have a long commute so I created a few different accounts because their daily are sometimes repeats and they leave you wanting more.

I’ll post all of my invite codes so you guys can join in on the fun.

This code can only be used once: DEVDE887

More codes to follow!

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This one can be used by two different people.
Referral code: WORDP523

this invite code can be used two more times, and they could give more invites by request.
Have fun!
I like this app very much :slight_smile:

I feel that this app is going to change a lot in not so long. Really cool.

I have 3 invites: FELIP257

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Thank you very much, that code worked :slight_smile:

I also have three invites now, here is the code: HOLIC9410
Feel free :slight_smile:

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Thanks…gonna start raising my git and linux game right now :slight_smile:

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Here is the code for my 3 invites: SPATH938
Feel free :slight_smile:


MOAR invite codes:

Good for 3 sign ups

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