Unclear how to push repo for Relational Database course

I’m working through the Relational Database course. After completing my Celestial Bodies database, instructions say to " Save the universe.sql file in a public repository and submit the URL to it on freeCodeCamp.org" and I’m at a loss how to do that.

The project uses CodeAlly to run a VM with Visual Studio Code. Since I’d already connected to my GitHub account to get started, I hoped maybe using the source control tab (ctrl+shift+g) in VSCode would let me push to my GitHub account. From there I was able to stage and commit but the repo certainly didn’t get sent to my account. I checked the output terminal but couldn’t decipher where it went.

So I returned to the VSCode terminal and tried to remote add origin for a public repo on my GitHub account. When I push from the terminal I get an error, “No anonymous write access. Authentication failed.”

Next I tried following VSCode’s instructions to sign into GitHub. I downloaded the Pull Request and Issues extension. When I use the Sign In button, a new, blank tab opens in my browser, and VSCode gives an error, “Error signing in to GitHub.”

The only forum and Google search results I found were about using a local machine with GitHub. Still, I dutifully confirmed I can push from my local machine; still no luck doing so inside the VM though.

Any guidance to complete this last step of the project? Thank you.

Sorry for the lack of explicit instructions here @soulcakeduck. That’s deliberate, we’re not supposed to encourage using GitHub as a file host. I would suggest to copy the files to your computer and then upload them somewhere, they can be anywhere that’s publicly visible.

Hi, moT01. I used pg_dump to create a .sql file but am unclear how to save it to my computer. I am new to bash scripting and could use some guidance here. I haven’t encountered any other issues with CodeAlly or CodeRoad. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

You can select all the text in the file and copy it → create a file on your computer and paste it in there. Let me know if you need further clarification.

What’s the best way to print all the text to the screen? When I used cat universe.sql or more universe.sql I had a bunch of other text and comments that showed up, too. I’m sorry, this noob is still confused. :confused:

No worries, you aren’t the first one who has asked something like this. The curriculum is new and we are figuring out where improvements are needed - this is one of those areas. Click on the file to open it in the main editor:

^ Click the universe.sql file on the left, it will open in the editor. You can see it open with all its content there. If you don’t see the file on the left, the panel is hidden - click the icon just left of the filename that looks like two pieces of paper to open the left panel, then click on the file to open it. From there, copy the text. Hopefully this is enough to get you there. If not, let me know and I can be more specific.

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Thanks. I believe the problem I had was that nothing shows up in the file tree/project tree in my virtual machine. I used the hamburger menu to select “open file” to open it in the editor. Thanks again for your guidance!

I cant find my code, there is no universe.sql file.

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