Upwork skill tests

I recently joined Upwork because I plan on branching out and doing some freelance work. I decided that taking some of the skills tests would be a good idea because having high scores on these tests posted on your profile appears to be important on there.

I took the advanced English language test and scored a 72% on it. Apparently that puts me in the “below average” category in English profiency.

I took a real IQ test with a psychologist and scored in the “exceptional” and “very exceptional” categories on most of the vocabulary/language tests. I found it hard to believe that people from other parts of the world who are barely fluent in English blew me out of the water on this test. After doing some searching online I realized that answers to all of these Upwork tests are readily available online. In other words most people who take Upwork tests cheat.

I’m now standoffish about taking some of the programming tests because the answers are available online. Has anyone taken the programming tests and if so how well did you do?

I tested in the top 20% of JavaScript and CSS. It’s been almost a year, and I was only kinda-sorta paying attention while also watching a movie about some military unit that’s fighting ghosts with special anti-ghost energy guns, but I remember thinking that most of the questions were BS and I disagreed with some of the answers I had to give. These, like most online quizzes, are garbage. If Upwork actually cared about this, they would have a certification system that you either pass or fail. No grades, just a “Good Enough for Upwork” stamp of approval. However, if you’re serious about wanting work from Upwork, you’ll have to play their game.

I have to chuckle. I’ve taken enough language tests to know what sort of things they’d ask for “Advanced” English. Make sure to put on your profile that you’re a native English speaker and I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

Took some tests on upwork myself and got top 30% results.
Also if you’re not going to work as a translator there is no point in taking advanced english test at all.

Actually they do now have something like this. You are tested in a specific area, then have a live interview. Its called the Premium Freelancer program.

Join Premium Programs for Freelancers

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You can practice answering test questions for UpWork in the UpYourLevel English application for Android. There is English Vocabulary Test (U.S. Version) 2018 yet, but will be more at future.