Use a CSS Class to Style an Element BUG

The page will not change. The page will not show progress checklist in lower left corner. The page will not show progress in the APP progress picture to the right. I have hard refreshed the page 3 times (CTRL+F5). Still stuck on the same page after pressing “Run Tests”. Any suggestions?

Can you provide a link to the codepen? Or the code? It’s hard to tell what is wrong without seeing the code.

OK, now I understand that you’re referring to one of the challenges.

Is your browser simply locked up? Reboot?

If it’s not accepting your code, please post here so we can verity.

It is the browser, Chrome. The browser is up to date. I just reinstalled it, again. Nothing changed. Website works good on Edge and Firefox, but I do not like Edge or Firefox.

I’ll find another website until Chrome is fixed. Thanks for the reply.

Can you post the code? The only time I’ve every had anything like this happen was when I accidentally had an infinite loop in the code.