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I am about to create the personal Portfolio page.
For the projects section, i want to use images of the projects i have built so far.
Therefore, i took screenshots and saved them locally. Now i dont have Codepen Pro, thus i somehow need to get a URL in order to use them in my Codepen project.

Found a stackoverflow thread on how to it but somehow that does not work for me… =/

Also found a medium blogpost about this issue.

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According to many users, the above syntax should work; key seems to be to put uc?export=view& before the id property, or just uc? - but not for me.

However I am able to get a thumbnail of the image if i exchange uc?export=view& for thumbnail?

I also tried a version with /uc?id= but it does not work…

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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lol code is pulling the image… >D

here is a screen on how it looks from codepen:

I don’t believe that Google will allow you to do this anymore. They allow you to place an embedded version of their website via an <iframe>, but this is not the same as placing an image on your webpage. I even used inspector tools to track down where the physical image was coming from and Google told me NO.

It is never too early to look into GitHub or similar platforms for files. Everybody that codes should be familiar with it.

Even if the concept eludes you and the terminal is a scary place still, you can use their website to create a repository and start manually uploading an image here and there. You can get the link from there and use it for your code pens for now.

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