Using Github Issues

Hey guys, just looking for a bit of advice.

I’m going to start a bit of a job search very soon. I have a github account with lots of content and I’m still adding more to it. Amongst these projects are apps that I think could be really useful. They are all kind of incomplete, though, and originally only existed to demonstrate functionality. I was thinking maybe I could use github issues to kind of make them open source and have people improve the styling and maybe even security. I think that the benefits of this would be that the apps would look better (such that I might even be able to release them on the web) and that I could actually collaborate with other developers, making it apparent that I have “teamwork experience”, which I know employers are looking for.

Do you guys think this is a good idea? Will github tell outside viewers who contributed to what so that employers can see what I’m capable of (instead of just throwing everyone’s names up there and leaving it unclear how much I contributed)? Also, if it’s open source, can I profit from it (as in release it as an app on the web)?


Hello, @Alioune01,

I’m answering from the vantage of a someone with very limited experience on open-sourcing, so read the following with a grain of salt.

I’m not sure about question 2 so I’ll let that be.

Yeah, it could be a good idea considering the benefits you are aiming for:

  1. include other developers improve the app
  2. show that you can work in teams (though, the team aspect here is more akin to remote work rather than on-site work)

But, you can only attain those benefits if your apps are popular, useful, and attractive enough to attract developers who want to work on them.

Plus, you have to make sure that you are well-versed in managing pull requests, issues, and contributors. You will need to write documentations to help your future contributors too.

And if you have a specific vision on how the app should be, balancing that vision with your contributor’s/issue writer’s vision is important if you want to retain them for a long time.

Yes, you can since it’s your own code. If it’s other people’s code, the license they chose would affect your ability to profit from it.

I know two services that profit from and also, open-sourced their apps:


Standard Notes

If there’s anything with wrong what I write, feel free to correct me.

Hope that helped.

For teamwork experience you could join (although Voyage 8 will start very soon maybe you’ll manage to get in).

Looks awesome! Like an online hackathon. I’ll look into it.