Using <link> element to make link to jump to section of page

Im on the build personal portfolio page and tried anchor elements which was not a go. i tried searching on how to use link elements but don’t understand.

Can you please provide a link to your full code?


i don’t get what i’m doing wrong because only the anchor element can link to internal sections of the page

It looks like you are trying to put content inside a navbar? The navbar references content, it doesn’t contain content.


You have no content so the page doesn’t move when the link is clicked.

At least one navbar link should move the page position when clicked

If you add a “fake” height to the body it should pass.

body {
  height: 1200px;

Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you actually planning to just pass the requirements with minimal effort on all the projects?

This is the third page I have seen from you and it doesn’t seem like you are interested in actually making a page. You will not learn much of anything doing this and that is the point of the projects…to learn. Not just to pass the tests. In my opinion, you are doing yourself a disservice by approaching these challenges the way you are.

huh for some reason it says its correct NOW.

the next user story im having trouble it seems correct to me but the test is saying not

i am putting my own touches to it. but also am pushing for that certificate

yup considered adding a fake height and kinda did and it didn’t pass. it passes now though for some strange reason .

weird i don’t change the code but it will pass when i run the test at some times and other times not pass. should i put this under technical difficulties?

WOOHOO me gots certified now.

Make sure you are actually passing all tests before submitting any of the pages. And definitely before claiming the certificate.

It is your responsibility to uphold the “Academic Honesty Policy”, the submit page does not check that the projects are passing.

i double checked on 'uncertain ones went into my dashboard and clicked run and looked to make sure all tests passed.

wonder why it’s like that

will audit my projects
that’s from the academic honesty polic
it means there’s a team that takes care of it

Again, the submit page does not check the tests are passing. That is your responsibility. If someone manually checks you may have the certificate revoked, or if it is deemed to be cheating you may get your account banned. I’m just telling you this so you know. In the future some automated process may be put in place.

Honestly, and this is just my advice. Forget about the certificate, forget about the tests. I would rather you make 20 cool projects that fail every single test but that you learn a bunch from and can be proud of (obviously you should not submit projects that are failing the tests).

The point of tests is not to pass them. The point is to gain required knowledge in order to pass them. Learning is not about regurgitating facts or passing tests.

The certificate is really more of a symbolic “congrats” to give you something. You should not view it as some fancy diploma. It might help a little (might), but you will have to put a lot of work into building things of high quality you can show to people.


I agree. Rather than rushing to be able to get barely functioning projects, I would take your time and try to make them well.

If you look at some of the posts of people requesting feedback on their projects, they look very different from yours.

I’m not sure what your goals are on Free Code Camp, but a portfolio of barely passing projects won’t help you get to those goals.

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The certificate alone is worthless. It is a mark of achievement that you have not earned.

Your projects will only be audited if someone reports your account. freeCodeCamp has over a million users and something like 5 employees. No one is checking all projects by hand, but accounts do get deactivated and users get banned for trying to “game the system.”

My goal was to prove to myself that passing the tests deemed me able enough to pass the projects and claim a certificate to at least show myself I could do it. Even if the tests might not be enough to make a good coder to me that certificate kinda makes me feel like well if I went through those modules, built my own projects to pass all the tests that the builders designed to have people go through to obtain a certificate at least I accomplished on tiny feat. Me being adhd it’s something. I have a lot of working memory problems and probably slightly autistic leading to my adhd so I need to prove to myself I am capable of learning , which then I go back and shall listen to what you guys said that I need to tinker with my code, take my time and build my own projects where I learn a lot (even if they’re not passing) so long as I learn and there is a good output from all that tinkering.

I get having a brain that does not work the way most people’s brains work. I have OCPD and it is disruptive to my life. I totally agree that it can be difficult.

Learning is important, but I strongly recommend that you take your time and only claim certificates when you feel like you can truly compete these projects. The tests are supposed help you know that you successfully made the project, but the real goal is to guide you in making something that you believe someone would use.