Using own editor for challenges

goo day friends am new here and i want to know if am to write these codes to build the registration form. on my own text editor, thank anticipating your response.

You can right the code in your own text editor if you prefer that, but the code final code needs to be copied and pasted over to the challenge editor where the tests are checked.

@cody_biggs, thanks for your support, please if its copied to my vs code how to i submit to the challenge editor, pls i need your guide thanks

I have moved our responses to your own topic. Since this discussion was off-topic in the thread we were posting in.

When you go to the challenge you will see this for example

you will paste your code in here, and click the check your code button. However, I dont recommend using your own editor for the challenges. You would have to copy all the code the challenge gives you, and paste it in your editor and then copy/paste it back here. That is a lot of unnecessary steps when the challenges usually require you to only add a few lines. If you were working on one of the projects then it would be better to use your own editor

thanks bro, appreciate

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